ReVamp Energy Solutions is a leading renewable energy provider in California and Georgia. We offer consultation and installation of energy efficient services for residential homeowners, commercial buildings, non-profit organizations, schools, and more. We offer Solar, LED lighting, roof insulation, EV charging stations and constantly brining new innovative ways to be more energy independent.

From exceptional custom design and installation to creative funding options, ReVamp Energy Solutions provides everything you need for a clean, independent, and cost-efficient tomorrow.

Do your part in helping RENOVATE AMERICA for a cleaner future.

Our History and Mission

Our founders started ReVamp Energy Solutions in 2013, after having been in the industry for many years. ReVamp Energy Solutions was born out of the need to provide business owners and homeowners with diversified options to how they consume and manage their energy. We identified that all the other companies in the industry were in fact only offering limited options for energy management such as just solar or just LED lighting and not both under the same umbrella. The ReVamp team is strategically made of the top experts in each field of service under one umbrella offering a complete turnkey solution for your energy needs.

Our mission is to bring to the energy market a boutique-type of organization that would offer people a chance to customize their energy portfolio under one umbrella and be the driving force to renovating America and creating a cleaner and sustainable tomorrow.

We want our clients to think of us as the only provider for all of their energy needs. The value that we provide for our clients is not only expert advice in product knowledge but more importantly longevity of the relationships we build so when you think or speak of energy management you think and speak highly of ReVamp Energy Solutions.