Rethink Grass- Water Conservation

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in sports arenas that were originally or are normally played on natural grass. However, it is now being used on Residential Lawns and Commercial Grass applications as well. The main reason is maintenance; artificial sports turf need to stand up to heavy use and requires no irrigation, trimming or mowing. Domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums also may require artificial turf because of the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to stay healthy.

No More Cutting or Watering

ReVamp Energy Solutions has partnered with the industry’s leading synthetic grass company, manufacturing and installing the finest artificial grass available for residential homes and commercial properties.

  • Reduce high water cost from watering your lawn 
  • Artificial turf can be a better solution when the environment is particularly hostile to natural grass. An arid environment or one where there is little natural light are examples.
  • Artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently.
  • Ideal for holiday homes when maintenance of lawns is not practical. It is also a solution for elderly home-owners who find the upkeep of lawns too much work.
  • Suitable for roof gardens and surrounding swimming pools.