Energy upgrades sound nice but how are you going to pay for it? ReVamp has took pride in developing relationships with key institutes and programs that allow energy upgrades to be funded in an attractive and affordable way. At ReVamp we understand the importance of financially making since which is why we walk you through all of your options and steps to getting your project funded.


Property Assessed Clean Energy

Worried about financing energy improvements on your home or property, just to move at a later time and have to carry that debt burden with you? PACE financing addresses this concern head on by tying the loan to the property where the energy improvements take place and where the benefits are realized – rather than tying the financing to the customer. So if you sell the property years down the road, the PACE loan remains tied to the property and becomes the obligation of the new property owner.

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy and is available to residential and commercial property owners to finance energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy upgrades to their properties. While PACE programs are a very attractive financing option for property owners, only a few regions offer such a program. The ReVamp team have searched high and low for every residential and commercial PACE program currently available to make sure as many of our customers as possible have this as an option to meet their financing needs. We are currently a registered contractor in all residential PACE programs

These non-equity based solar loans are intended for customers seeking financing for renewable energy projects, such as solar, energy efficiency upgrades where credits, rebates and/or incentives are available. Qualifying renewable energy projects may be paired with other general home improvements, including roofing, window, energy efficiency solutions, garages and much more.

  • No equity or appraisal required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Borrowers looking for renewable energy products may apply any tax credits and/or local incentives to request a one-time re-amortization within the first 24 months of the funding date of the loan to lower, or ‘step down,’ monthly payments, provided certain requirements are met
  • Qualifying Solar customers now have an option to borrow up-to an additional $15,000 through our exclusive unsecured “SolarPlus Loan”.* This innovative program gives homeowners the ability to borrow up to $40,000 for a single set of residential renewable energy solutions!

New Resource loans provide working capital and funding for new equipment, energy upgrades and green construction. Our resourceful bankers have deep expertise in sustainable business—they know how to navigate challenges ranging from complex renewable energy agreements to the growing pains of businesses charting new paths.

We work with a range of California businesses—not just inherently green companies—but we need to know that you have a commitment to sustainable business practices. All commercial loan applicants complete our Sustainability Assessment, which gives us a picture of your current sustainability level and shows us how we can help you progress along the sustainability spectrum.

We use the assessment to evaluate loan applicants, and while no minimum score is required, we lend only to businesses that commit to improving the sustainability of their operations.