Getting Started with ReVamp Energy

Phase One


The first step is to go online and schedule a free consultation or call and speak to one of our Energy Specialists to see if solar or any other solution is right for you. Call us, fill out a contact form or stop in at our Los Angeles office and begin the process.

Phase Two

Site Visit

An on-site visit is necessary to ensure every variable is accounted for prior to the design of your energy alternative platform. A thorough site evaluation is critical for a successful design and determine all possible solutions.

Phase Three

Design and Permitting

Our engineers will analyze the data collected from the site visit and drawings  to design a solution that maximizes energy output and efficiency. Once design and or drawings are complete they will be submitted for permitting if need be and client approval.

Phase Four


Once we obtain the necessary permits and assemble your customized components, our highly trained technicians will install your system and any other component associated with your project. Our technicians are very aware of the need to perform in a timely matter along with superb workmanship. We are not done until you are absolutely satisfied.

Phase Five

Start Saving

Upon completion of your energy upgrade project you will start seeing savings immediately. With unique funding and affordable options, ReVamp vows to make every project make financial sense. With warranties up to 30 years, depending on project, as the homeowner or business owner you will have many years of worry free savings.

Phase Six

ReVamp Affiliate

ReVamp Energy Solutions is not just a energy company, our interaction does not stop once the project is complete. As a client/customer you are enrolled in what we call our affiliate program. In doing so you are able to receive up to $1,000 for any referral that is submitted on your behalf. Also, ReVamp has always played an active role within the communities we serve sponsoring sports teams and participating in several foundations and events. For more information about ReVamp sponsorship please contact us.